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Assisting Underprivileged Students in Western Pennsylvania

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that the funding differences between high income and low-income school districts in Pennsylvania are higher than anywhere else in the nation. This gulf is creating shortfalls for low-income students that are falling behind, while outcomes in more affluent areas remain constant.

Young Asset Protection is dismayed to see this stark difference in school funding. Our agency believes all children deserve an equal education, and we are launching a campaign to provide assistance to low-income students.

Ambassadors for Equal Education

Young Asset Protection is now an #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassador serving the greater Allegheny County area, and we are proud to champion local students during this campaign. Our efforts will be focused on ensuring that children from underprivileged homes are provided with the scholastic supplies and resources they need to succeed in school, and we will also be supporting mentoring and guidance programs to provide at-risk children a clear path out of poverty.

To reach all these children, we need your help.

You Help is Crucial

The most effective way for you to help is to allow us to share information about this campaign with other families in the area. When you refer a friend or neighbor into their nearest Young Asset Protection office, we can provide them with a free insurance analysis along with more information on this campaign. Afterward, we will send a donation IN YOUR NAME out to a regional program or agency that works in support of underprivileged students.

 Join Us!

For this campaign to succeed in reversing the economic shortfalls affecting our community, it will require support from our entire community. We hope we can count on you.


Megan Young

Young Asset Protection

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