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Recreational Vehicle

Owning an RV or recreational vehicle means that you need to have insurance to help cover your investment in the case of accident, damage, or theft. If you can live in your RV, this means that you need to have an insurance that takes qualities from both homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance.

Whether you live in your RV full time or you use it for vacations just a few weeks of the year, RV insurance is essential. An RV insurance policy will cover your vehicle and your personal belongings inside of it. There are two types of insurance choices. One will pay market value for your belongings or RV, and the other will pay an agreed upon amount to replace the vehicle. By talking to your insurance agent, you can determine which insurance choice is best for you.

Still another kind of RV coverage is vacation protection. This policy will cover your hotel costs if your RV breaks down. It will also pay transportation costs and/or car rental. RV insurance is not just for your motor homes, however. It can also cover ATVs, golf carts, trailers, and more.

One of the benefits of this type of insurance is a storage option that allows the coverage to be suspended if the RV is at home, but still offers coverage in case of fire or theft. If you live in your RV, full replacement coverage is an available choice.

Consult your insurance agent for more information.